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How Can a 100% Commission Broker Outlast Any Economic Crisis

The 100% commission broker in real estate may be a little disconcerting to you. To understand this system, you need to understand the advantages with this new business-broker model.

The 100% Commission Broker Involves Low Fees

There are fees associated with the 100% Commission Broker, but they are much less. For example, if you had a 70/30 commission split under the other process, your $10k commission would mean you owe the broker $3k. With this same deal under the 100% Commission Broker system, you would only have to pay around $500, or even less than $200 as a transaction fee if you are on a Monthly plan. That means over $9500 is in your pocket.

What Other Advantages Come with the Higher Commissions?

It sounds incredibly good to receive a hundred percent of your commission. If you were to switch from a typical real estate agency to a 100% commission broker, you would see some significant differences:

  • You will no longer have an office at the brokerage but this is not the case with STANFLEs Realty as we have 3 convenient locations at Los Angeles Downtown, Irvine and San Diego.

  • You will no longer have to go to training or industry meetings but at STANFLEs Realty, the broker is always available to train you in person or remotely.

  • You are now responsible for buying items, such as signs, or have to pay for posting ads and home showings customized to your own needs.

What are the Advantages of the 100% Commission

The 100% commission structure allows you to become an independent business. You no longer have strings attached from a broker or limitations to consider. With the 100% commission structure, you become a free agent who can set your own schedule, appointments, and showings. You will have more flexibility in how you work, what you charge, and how you operate overall.

How Does Using 100% Commission Broker Process Help You Outlast Economic Crisis

With the 100% Commission Broker process, you are a business owner. You are no longer handing money over each time you make a sale; the money is yours to invest, save, spend, or do with what you like. You have greater flexibility and do not have to share clients or showings or share in the cost of another's business.

When times get tough, or there is an economic crisis, you have only yourself to worry about. You don't have to worry about employees' lay-off, overhead costs that have to be met, or having to share your commissions. You will have created your brand, find your listing, and retain the full commission after a sale.

There are now full-service business models starting up that will offer you support for a fee. These business models allow you to remain a 100% commission broker for a fee, but not the same costs you experienced under the traditional contracts.

The full-service business models give you the same freedoms from traditional real estate offices yet offer support and help when you need it. The 100% commission broker just makes economic sense. Check us out at STANFLEs Realty and see how our model is the perfect fit for you.

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