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How Can Joining a 100% Commission Broker Outlast Any Economic Crisis?

The 100% commission broker system can be a bit unsettling for you, but if you understand the benefits of this model, you will feel much more positive that it's the system for you. If you switch from your typical real estate agency and sign up with a 100% commission broker, you will see some significant differences, including those that allow for you to outlast any economic crisis.

Benefits and How to Outlast Any Economic Crisis as a 100% Commission Broker

When you join a 100% commission broker, you are a wiser business agent. When you make a real estate sale, you do not have to hand over a portion of the profits. The money you make from each sale is yours to spend, save, or invest. You have the flexibility to handle the money as you want, and you don't have to share your clients or showings with other agents. You also do not have to share your profits in someone else's business.

This past year has shown all of us how quickly the economy can change.

COVID-19 has not only affected how we live but also how our businesses can or cannot survive. During economic situations like this, with a 100% commission broker, you only have to worry about yourself.

An economic crisis will not have you worrying about getting laid off from your job. You will not have to concern yourself with overhead costs, or how much of your commissions will be shared with others. With a 100% commission broker, you will create your brand, find your listings, and when a sale is made you will enjoy 100% of the commission.

When you work with Stanfles Realty - the premier 100% commission broker, you will have a full-service business model allowing you to pull away from the traditional real estate settings. Stanfles Realty consistently supports you when you need it, and in these unsettling times is a perfect fit economically for you.

Other Advantages with the 100% Commission Broker Model

While there are some fees associated with the 100% commission model, they are a lot less than what you are paying now. These are other advantages you would experience:

  • There are no industry meetings or training required. These informational meetings would be available from your broker if you felt you needed any information.

  • It would be your choice to retain office space. Stanfles Realty does have three locations for you to choose a spot in.

  • You would choose the expenses you wanted such as signs, posting of ads, or customizing showings.

The structure of the 100% commission broker is that you are an independent business with full commission. You no longer have strings attached or limitations placed on you. This structure makes you a free agent who has total control over your showings. You are in charge of setting your own appointments and showings. 100% commission brokers also allow you flexibility in how you work, how much you charge, and how you operate overall.

Who to Talk to About Becoming a 100% Commission Broker

Stanfles Realty has a prime location in downtown Los Angeles with outer offices throughout California. We are a 100% commission brokerage firm that can offer you corporate branded offices with 24/7 access. We have clients from both overseas channels and locally, so are able to provide you language and cultural support.

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