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Technology and The 100% Commission Broker

The 100% Commission Broker model came about with the advancement in consumer accessible technology like search platforms and the public listing apps.  It is not the pipe dream some believe it to be. This model has not only been in use for a long time; it is increasing in popularity. Re/Max initiated this model and launched it years ago, and it has become a significant part of the industry.

Is the Model Truly 100%?

Brokerages have to make their money somewhere, so is the 100% Commission Broker really 100 percent? There are a lot of expenses involved that require payment, such as:

  • Marketing

  • Deal support

  • Back office

  • Office space

  • Brokerage support agents

The broker is responsible for overseeing contracts close according to local legislation and other compliance issues. If the model truly is 100 percent, how are all these costs covered?

How the 100% Commission Broker Breaks Down

With all the costs involved, including those to cover physical and technological tools needed to run a real estate business successfully, the commission has to be broken down. There are several methods used to make sure there is money to cover the many needs of a successful business. These are some of the common ones used:

  • Fixed or flat fee charged monthly

  • Fixed fee charged annually

  • Fees charged per transaction

  • Handling fee

  • Fees for desk space

With these fees comes access to office space, and various brokerage service systems. There are also 100 percent models offered as a pricing plan based on tiers. They will then offer different amenities at the different levels. There are also models where a flat fee is charged for essential services allowing the agent to pay for their own marketing costs.

As you look into the different brokerage services, you will want to compare what services you have access to with the fee being charged. You will also want to ensure they have up-to-date technology tools that are necessary for today's competitive market. You may find in your search; some brokerages are going to cost you more than it would if you worked in a traditional, split-fee brokerage.

When you look at Stanfles Realty, you will discover there is a superior 100% commission broker that will provide you with a significantly higher competitive flat transaction fee structure. You will also benefit and appreciate your access to our corporate offices throughout Southern California.

Other Benefits to Consider 

The key consideration for choosing a brokerage is the financial offering; however, there are other considerations to make when choosing the service for your needs. A brokerage needs to provide value beyond the numbers. This value can be found in their lead sources,  in-house software you have access to, training opportunities, access to a winning back office team, or integrations with leading data providers. Make sure you are getting a competitive compensation package with your choice.

If you are motivated to succeed in this industry, you need to talk to Stanfles Realty and discover its Premium 100% Commission Broker package.

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