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The Benefits of Joining a 100% Commission Broker

The 100% Commission Brokerage firm will cover certain costs for their agents, such as physical and technological tools. These tools will help you as an agent to run your real estate business successfully. When your business is successful, you and the broker become successful.

Successful 100% Commission Broker Arrangements

It can be difficult to attain success as an independent real estate agent. You put in long, exhausting hours to finalize a deal, only to have your commission broken down to a fraction of the brokerage fees. Your hard work deserves better compensation. By becoming part of a team with a 100% commission broker, you will have the ability to reach your full potential and earn the money you deserve.

When you join us at Stanfles Realty - a Premium 100% commission broker, that is exactly what you will get- 100% of your commission. You will no longer have the worry about how much of your transaction is going to be taken away. There is an upfront, transparent, flat fee per transaction for joining this winning team, and you take 100% of your commissions to the bank.

Working With A 100% Commission Broker

There are different methods used by 100% Commission Brokerages to make up for not receiving part of their agent's commissions. As part of the brokerage firm, you will be asked for one of these or a combination of these:

  • Annual fixed fee

  • Fixed, flat monthly fee

  • Handling fee

  • Per-transaction fee

  • Desk fee

The fees will be collected, and you will be offered access to a variety of services. These services can include computer systems or access to corporate offices. There are some brokerage agencies that offer their agents a flat fee for basic services and let their agents pay all marketing costs.

As an agent with a 100% commission broker, you need to be adequately outfitted to be competitive in today's markets. Other offerings that may be available to help you, include training opportunities, and in-house software with integrations to leading data providers.

Benefits of Joining a 100% Commission Broker

A lot of agents in the real estate industry are choosing to join a 100% commission broker. Being able to take home 100% of your commission is a significant reason to join the team at Stanfles Realty, but there are other benefits as well when you join a 100% commission broker:

  • Transparency

    • In the real estate world, traditional brokerages are created to cause confusion. There is a lot of information concerning the payment structure, fees and commission split that is hidden, and you have most likely taken less than what your work was worth. Joining a 100% commission broker, you do not have to worry about this or look for hidden loopholes, it is all laid out in simple, clear, and easy terms right upfront.

  • Flexibility

    • In the traditional real estate world, you are expected to meet yearly or monthly quotas, and you have to match the standards and restrictions. These requirements are placed on traditional real estate agents as the brokerage makes all their money from you and feels they know best how you should present yourself. Joining a 100% commission broker, you do not have anyone riding your back to meet specific numbers or goals. You have the flexibility to run your business as it fits you.

  • Freedom

    • Flexibility and freedom go hand-in-hand as there are no restrictions placed on you as in the traditional real estate model. It is up to you to choose how many houses or properties you will sell and there will be no huge cut from any sales commission.

  • Control

    • You are in control of yourself. There is no one controlling when you work, or how you work. Success is controlled and determined by your standards, not someone else.

  • No Overhead

    • Overhead is one of the most restrictive and stressful pieces of the traditional real estate process. The typical brokerage eats away dimes and nickels from each deal you make until a huge portion of your hard-earned money is gone. You don't want surprises when it comes to your income, you want to know exactly how much you take home from each deal you work. Joining a 100% commission broker gives you that peace of mind. You can focus on selling more homes knowing you will be taking away all your commission.

How to Join a 100% Commission Broker

Stanfles Realty is a premium 100% commission real estate brokerage. Talk to one of our specialists to learn how you can join our team and continue a fantastic career in real estate without giving away commissions. If you choose to come on board, you will be joining one of the fastest-growing real estate firms in California.

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